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Video Systems 
If you thought having a video or entertainment system in your vehicle is only to keep the kids and passengers occupied and from getting bored, then think again.  Though being able to watch videos is a great distraction and convenience for passengers, drivers are finding that having video systems built into the vehicle allows them to also feed GPS systems for navigation right into their video display, providing hands-free access to maps and other navigation tools.  It also eases the integration of rear  or back-up cameras that help to prevent accidents when backing and parking.  These entertainment and safety features are generally luxury add-on packages from the car manufacturers for new car buyers, but we can easily retrofit them as a package or individually into your new or older model vehicle too!

In-Dash Systems 
An in-dash system is mounted directly on the front dash, and comes with 6” to 7” LCD monitors and easy to access controls.  Because there is a receiver base attached to the LCD screen, all of the video system operations can be controlled right from the in-dash system.  For instance, when you integrate a rear camera or GPS navigation system, it will feed right to the LCD screen.  Choosing an in-dash system with DVD capabilities will also ensure that the video screen doubles as a DVD player.  It is important to also consider a system that has multi-zone capability that allows the receiver to broadcast to other monitors in the vehicle.  That way, the driver can be performing GPS navigation on the in-dash screen while the kids are watching a video on the headrest monitors.

Backseat Options 
Just as you had with the in-dash monitors, you can install 5” to 7” headrest monitors for easy entertainment for your rear passengers.  These monitors would hook to DVD or gaming systems that are stored under the seat or in a console unit.  Vehicle entertainment systems can also host wireless headphone capabilities, allowing passengers to watch movies  or play games without distracting the driver or other passengers.

Fold-down monitor systems are also available.  Centrally located in the vehicle, the fold-down entertainment system provides better viewing by all of the passengers in the vehicle.  The convenience of having the monitor fold up and be out of the way is another benefit to this type of video entertainment system.  Some fold-up systems have DVD players built right in, and also provide A/V inputs where passengers can attach other audio / video devices, such as gaming systems or laptop and tablet computers, directly into them.  Wireless headset capability is also available with most fold-up systems as well.

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