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There is no worse feeling than finding that your car has been broken into or stolen. With the installation of a car alarm security system, this can potentially be avoided.  Alarms come with a mix of features.  Remote car alarms generally consist of an additional radio receiver that allows the owner to wirelessly control the alarm from a key fob, and typically come equipped with an array of sensors along with immobilizers and motion detectors.  Regardless of the automobile security system that you purchase, you will feel a sense of relief and safety in knowing that you have added measures in place in the event of a crime or emergency.

Before you purchase your car alarm security system, however, consider the following things to look for: 

Two-Way Paging
A two-way paging auto alarm allows you to know exactly when your car has been stolen or broken into. This is especially important in catching the thief before he or she gets away with your vehicle.  Features on new two-way pager systems installed in cars alert the owner to break-in attempts and can even identify the point of break-in, such as the door, hood, or trunk, and some models will dial a preset telephone number.  Many pager alarms now have start / kill features as well as remote keyless entry of doors.  The vehicle owner can not only start the vehicle and unlock doors from a distance, but can kill the engine from a distance.  Similar two-way alarm pagers, without door lock features, are available for motorcycles.

GPS Tracking
If your vehicle is stolen, this leaves you with a missing vehicle and no way to find it. That is, unless you have a GPS vehicle tracking system as part of your automobile car alarm.  GPS tracking allows you to monitor your car's location even if you are not in it.  This is helpful when there has been a lapse in time from the moment your car was stolen and your discovery of the theft.  Some radar detectors also have GPS technology built into them.

Keyless Entry
If a driver feels threatened in any way while approaching her car, unlocking the car before she reaches it allows her instant entry. Once inside, another push of the button locks the doors.  Most systems also have an emergency button on the remote, and pressing it will cause the alarm to sound, attracting attention and potentially avoiding a harmful situation.  In most cases, however, a keyless entry system is just extremely convenient. When a driver's hands are full of groceries, hardware, or even small children, a push of the button unlocks the doors and optionally, the trunk.  This feature is especially nice in the rain.  It also makes locking of the doors easier.  Also, with keyless entry, a thief cannot enter your vehicle by bypassing the keyhole. This is an added security measure that slows a potential thief down and may be a deterrent to breaking into your car. 

Remote Start
A remote start is especially nice to have in cold or bad weather. With only a push of a button, your remote start can start up and begin warming, defrosting, or cooling down the vehicle in a matter of minutes.  Should you be faced with a dangerous situation, having the capability to remote start the vehicle from a distance way can provide those extra seconds or minutes needed to get into the car and away from the area quickly.  Most remote start key fobs also have an alarm button included, which comes in handy when you need to trip your car's alarm or security system in an emergency.  The remote start offers a higher level of security, providing you an alert the moment your car is hit or broken into.  Knowing the moment something happens takes vehicle security to the next level.  If your car is installed and programmed with a remote start system, you can also download an application for your BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android smartphone that gives you the ability to start your car with the ease of pushing a single button.