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Back-Up Camera

Though automakers have camera systems available as part of many new car accessory packages, these beneficial systems are available aftermarket and can easily be installed by your auto customization or mobile electronics / car audio shop.

The back-up camera systems provide visual access to areas around or behind the vehicle that are otherwise blind spots.  Being able to see into these blind spots provides an added level of security and safety by enabling you to avoid obstacles, such as trashcans, other vehicles, bicycles, and people or small children, that may be hidden due to being in the blind spot.  This added level of security will provide you with a peace of mind that you did not have without the back-up camera system on your vehicle.

The back up camera system transmits signal from the camera location on the vehicle to a monitor in the dashboard or center console area.  There are multi-camera setups that allow the driver to cycle through the various camera views, or even to display them in a split screen format.

There is a wide range of back-up camera system styles and configurations available.  Many times the camera is hardwired from the camera location to the monitor or control system. Some camera systems are installed on a wireless system where the camera and the receiver communication via radio frequency (RF).  When looking for a back up camera system, take into consideration the quality of the video and the monitor on which it is displayed.  These higher quality systems and displays generally provide a higher definition video and more user-friendly interface.

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