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GPS Navigation

Being lost or missing an appointment because you cannot find the location is virtually a thing of the past if you have a GPS system in your vehicle.  The technology of a global positioning system (GPS) allows a receiver in your car to display maps of the part of the world where the receiver is.  These maps can be so detailed that you can see right down to the street level, and many GPS units are pre-programmed with local businesses, hospitals, gas stations, rest areas, attractions, restaurants, medical offices, and other points of interest or attractions that a traveler may need to know or be seeking.  GPS navigation systems help direct you to the easiest or fastest route to a place.  In a traffic jam?  A GPS system can show you alternate routes around any unforeseen construction, accidents, or other traffic delays.

By using a touch-screen technology, you can begin using your GPS navigation unit by simply typing in an address or selecting from a menu list of points of interest.  As the GPS receiver turns on, it picks up GPS satellite signals from space, calculates where on the Earth the receiver is, and then brings up points of interest local to that location, and finds you a route to get there.  For instance, you’re looking for a mobile entertainment and car audio installer located at 2120 Valley Avenue in Winchester, VA.  The GPS navigation system will calculate the distance and quickest route from your present location to JE’s Mobile Audio in a matter of seconds!

GPS navigation can further refine the route so that you avoid highways and toll-roads, or find the quickest route and other options depending on the individual units capabilities.  GPS units often use a human sounding voice that gives turn-by-turn instructions while the on-screen images show instructions and maps that help you navigate the routes.  Don’t worry if a turn or exit is missed.  The GPS system will automatically recalculate and provide a re-route to your destination.  Some of the more advanced units have the capability to receive live traffic information.  Though this service is often fee-based, this is especially helpful in dense metropolitan areas (such as the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland beltway areas), and any situation where there is extensive commuting.

Advances in technology have included Bluetooth technology in some auto GPS system units.  This allows the GPS receiver to provide hands-free calling when paired with a compatible cell phone.  Points-of-interest identified by your GPS can be direct dialed from the information already stored in you GPS unit’s database.